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Students' Responsibility in Caring for Electronic Devices

The following letter was sent Feb. 14 to the parents/guardians of SLSD students at the Junior School and High School:


This year the SLSD launched a major new initiative to ensure each student in grades 6th-12th was assigned an electronic device (laptop) for the academic year. We’re already seen many positive outcomes from this 1:1 initiative, including more assignments turned in and on time; more personalized content unique to each student; increased creativity and communication and collaboration with other students.

Unfortunately, there have also been numerous instances of devices being broken, lost or damaged. The “1:1 Device Usage Agreement” that parents and students signed when receiving the device states that students may be charged for intentional damage or gross neglect of their device, or a lost device. Such damage includes breaking the screen; pulling off keys; breaking off the charging cable inside of the port; spilling food or drink onto the device; and more.

Although students are allowed to take the devices home for educational purposes, please recall that the devices are property of Southwest Schools. While students are permitted to decorate their protective snap-on cover, they should not mark on or alter the actual device. (Refer to the agreement for more details). In addition, students are expected to take proper care of the device both at school and at home. Laptop care and maintenance tips are available online and were sent home with students during device distribution.

Please review these documents with your student and encourage him or her to properly take care of the device. Thank you for ensuring that your student takes responsibility in caring for these resources.

Corinne Hayes, Assistant Superintendent
Southwest Local School District